Note on Data to our Users

Welcome to the largest roadkill reporting system in the US. We are the only US state system that has published verification of spatial accuracy (~13 meters), species identification accuracy (>97%), and results in multiple scientific publications. For users who may be concerned that this is "just another citizen science system", please read the scientific literature on biological monitoring involving the public, which suggests that these systems can produce scientifically-useful data (like CROS). Also, please note that the majority of CROS data are from State and Federal Agency staff, academics, teachers, consultant biologists, retired scientists and doctors, and others who carefully report roadkill they observe. A large chunk of CROS data also comes from the California Highway Patrol, whose officers also carefully report the location, date/time and species of animal involved in crashes. CROS data have been used to plan wildlife crossings, plan for wildlife connectivity, plan safety projects to reduce collisions with wildlife, inform ecological studies, and even by Caltrans attorneys to defend themselves against injury lawsuits. So, enjoy our data secure in the knowledge that it is the best information on wildlife-vehicle collisions in California and the US.