Welcome to the Maine Audubon Wildlife Road Watch

The Maine Audubon Wildlife Road Watch is a web-based map and database designed to record your observations of road-side and road-killed wildlife.

Information about where wildlife attempt to cross roads, what animals are involved, on what kinds of roads are collisions frequent, and other data can help inform policy, management, and financial investment in reducing road-kill and habitat fragmentation. Maine Audubon scientists will use the data to improve our collective understanding of where wildlife attempt to cross roads and what we can do to reduce road-kill and increase safety for people and wildlife.

Click here to learn about the 3 ways you can participate.

Start contributing your own observations:

  1. Create an account to get started.
  2. Add observations by sharing what you saw, pinpointing its location on the map, and even uploading your photos (if you took any).
  3. Then review your observation markers, and see where other citizen scientists are finding road-side wildlife, by browsing our online wildlife observations map.

Mashable.com picks Maine Audubon Wildlife Road Watch as top citizen science project

The news site Mashable.com picked the Maine and California systems as being among the top citizen science projects in the country with which to get involved. Thanks to all of your volunteer efforts, wildlife observations are staying on the social media radar screen as something important to think about and do. Congratulations!

2014 Endangered Species Road Watch

Want to do something that is both good for you and good for Maine’s wildlife? Maine Audubon is recruiting volunteers to take part in a special survey for endangered species along roads in southern Maine. Walk a one-mile survey stretch in spring and summer, look for wildlife, and help endangered species.

**The training session for Sunday, April 13at the Wells Reserve has been cancelled.**

Winter 2013 Update

Since initiating the Wildlife Road Watch program in 2010, project participants have reported over 3,600 wildlife observations on our website, including reports of rare and endangered species. Please click here to read the project update to learn more about our progress thus far and future plans for Wildlife Road Watch.

2013 Endangered Species Road Watch

2013: Endangered Species Roadwatch seeking volunteers in southern Maine.

The Endangered Species Road Watch Program seeks volunteers to help survey local roads for signs of wildlife road crossings. By collecting information about where, when, and how many animals cross our roads, we will be able to work toward solutions to reduce wildlife road mortality.

What you do: Volunteers walk a 1-mile section of road, recording and photographing evidence of wildlife crossing.


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