Observation ID: 86367

Submitted by lmiller on Thu, 03/18/2021 - 15:53
Western Screech Owl
Identification Confidence
somewhat confident
Observation Date / Time

This kill was fresh. Head decapitated and missing. I'm pretty confident this was a W. Screech Owl, but I couldn't be 100% confident as I'm not that familiar with Screech Owls.

Linda Miller
Travel Frequency
several times per week
Estimated Time Since Impact
definitely less than 3 hours
Carcass Position
road shoulder
Roadway Speed Limit
35 mph
Road Type
local paved
Location Description
Very near Hall Creek culvert crossing, and on blind curve where drivers tend to drive too fast. Edge of pavement on apron to private drive that is no longer used. Trees on side of road; riparian vegetation near coniferous forest/mixed with ag and industrial.
Roadside Features

Observation Map