Observation ID: 88154

Submitted by amillan on Mon, 05/16/2022 - 10:31
Mountain Lion
Identification Confidence
100% certain
Observation Date / Time

A District 5 Caltrans Shandon Station Maintenance worker showed me where a mountain lion was struck and killed on SR-46. He first observed the carcass at this location in the Spring of 2021. When I was shown the carcass on 5/11/2022, there were remnants of a jaw bone, vertebrae, and pelt.

Caltrans Shandon Maintenance Worker
Travel Frequency
several times per month
Estimated Time Since Impact
unknown -- more than one month
Carcass Position
road shoulder
Roadway Speed Limit
65 mph
Road Type
state / rural highway
Location Description
Remnants of carcass are at the base of a berm along eastbound State Route 46 on the shoulder between East Centre St in Shandon and the Shandon Roadside Rest. There are no guardrails in the stretch of highway; there are 4 lanes of traffic and median is sparse annual grasses.
Roadside Features
no artificial structures

Observation Map