Species Selection List: 
Mule (or Black tailed) Deer
Identification Confidence: 
100% Certain
Date and Time of Observation: 
2018-12-21 16:45
Estimated Time since Impact: 
definitely less than 3 hours
How often do you travel this road?: 
Linda Miller
Road Type: 
State / Rural Highway
Roadway Speed Limit: 
Carcass Position: 
road surface
Roadside Features: 
vegetated median
no artificial structures
Other Conditions and Observation Notes: 
Sunny cold day. I drove into town on W-bound 299 on way to town around 14:00 and did not see roadkill. When I drove back on eastbound 299, I saw the roadkill on W-bound 299 in fast lane. Adult black-tailed deer, appeared to be a doe but at 65 mph, I cannot assert that it was not a "spike" male; no antlers were observed.
Review Status: 
Not Reviewed