Who: Contacting the website administrators

Barbara Charry, Maine Audubon Biologist and GIS Manager, is a road ecology expert who has focused on sprawl impacts to wildlife for over 10 years. She has presented papers and plenary sessions at the International Conference on Ecology and Transportation, is a founding partner of Maine's award-winning Beginning with Habitat program, and was a 2008 TogetherGreen Fellow.

Fraser Shilling, Dave Waetjen, and Jim Quinn are affiliated with UC Davis, Department of Environmental Science and Policy (ESP), They all work at the Information Center for the Environment (ICE), where CPSS is hosted. Fraser is the co-Director of the Road Ecology Center at UC Davis, Dave is a recent Ph.D. graduate from the Geography Graduate Group, and Jim is a Professor in ESP and the Director at ICE.

Jonathan Mays, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Wildlife Biologist, is part of the Reptile, Amphibian, and Invertebrate Group and serves as the department’s specialist on snakes, turtles, beetles, spiders, and snails. Recent projects have included a black racer home range and movement study, rare turtle inventory and monitoring, a wood turtle mark-recapture population study, and rare tiger beetle presence/absence inventories.