Owls and Nightjars

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We were unable to get a photo. The bird flew just after we located it. There were woods on both sides of the road. It was 76 F, evening time, overcast and it had rained heavily the previous day and some during the night and morning. We noted 21 cars, 2 joggers, 1 dog walker and 3 cyclists during our survey which lasted just over one hour.

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The bird observation was spotted in Open field, which is being developed in new homes are being built. The Owl was flying 30 feet above my head and around my head. He or she thought I may of had some animal sitting on my cap. There wasn`t. As I process to take a picture of the huge Light Grey with white (kinda bulky stock) bird. The disappeared into the trees, but I can hear the bird call in distance. The actually measures of the siting was: The beginning of the seeing the bird was at Bittersweet Ln entrance.


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