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eagle activity

I have seen adult and immature eagles in woolwich, brunswick, richmond and dresden, in the vicinity of the kennebec and androscoggin rivers several time in the past 7 days. there are usually eagles around but it s eems like they are especially active this month

Hybrid Swallows

I have seen two types of swallows and i'm sure that they are swallows, no other bird has that shape and can fly quickly in swoops. A pair on one of my routes and a pair at a salt water beach. The pairs were much larger and with rust/white patch irredesent, and the others with white patch/ irredesent. Maybe about the size of a Cardinal.

General Observations

I've had alot of great experiences in my first months of observations. I've also noticed a decrease in animals and habitat. This has been very disturbing as I know that it is irreversable. I've traveled these routes for many years and have seen many unfortunate animals killed. Some people are so inconsiderate! If they would only try to slow down. I have spared many with no threat to myself or anyone else.

Wildlife Crossings in New Brunswick

Hi WRWers!

I wanted to share with you some pictures taken by another WRW observer on her trip to New Brunswick Canada!

"While I was biking in New Brunswick, I admired the wildlife fences, channels, crossings, and gates along the newly constructed divided highway Route 1. Here are photos:"

Welcome to the new and improved site

Hello Mainers

This new site is the first of its kind in the country. Designed by programming wizard David Waetjen, it has more varied and advanced capacities than its big sister site in California. It was designed to be useable on the small screens typical of smart phones so that people can report from the field. We hope you can make use of its capacities to conserve wildlife in Maine.

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