Greetings from the Road Ecology Center

Hello Maine Friends

My father-in-law tells me there is still 2 feet of snow on the ground outside his house in Greene, ME, which is precipitation we would love to have here in the drought-belt. I wanted you to know that we are engaged in our periodic review and update of this site and wanted to know what input you, the users, might have for us. Some things we are looking at are the front page style, the mapping tool for data entry, and how to better integrate this site with our wildlife camera web site ( We are excited to keep partnering with you and Maine Audubon in collecting these important observations and want to help however we can.

Fraser Shilling
Co-Director, Road Ecology Center
UC Davis


mapping tool

I find plotting the spot on the map alittle difficult sometimes. Maybe you have a tip for easier use or are you looking at changing how we plot our location?
Thank you!