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Quilly Pigs

I haven't been able to keep up with the dead porcupines this season, not so many locally but on I95 and other roads from Augusta up there seems to be a over abundance. Also have seen many dead young woodchucks on I95 and a few live deer. I haven't been adding them to the list because it's difficult for me to come close to locations. On loon count day I saw 4 young kingfishers with Mom, 3 young mergansers with Mom, a blue heron, and osprey as well as two loons. For the second year we've had a hawk family in residence at home.


I have passed thru Fairfield and Skowhegan 3 times in the past weeks and have seen large flocks of crows in fields next to Rt 20. I'm sued to seeing 10-15 in a flock but these looked closer to 50 and up. A friend was in that area on I95 closer to Pittsfield the wknd before Thanksgiving and saw a huge flock flying by. she said the sky was black with crows


Went to Blue Hill today and passes several large flocks of turkeys on Rt 15 towards Blue Hill and on Rt 175 north of Castine. i'm guessing between 15-20 birds in 3 different flocks,


passing over Rt 11 between Brownville Junction and Millinocket 9/7 afternoon, I passed 2 groups of turkeys, 2 birds and 3 birds. This stretch of road is barren of anything except a few hunting camps and cut over woodland, very wild

little critters

took a 3 day trip from the coast up to fort kent and back, saw numerous young skunks on the more major roads, as well as young porcupines and woodchucks. looks like this years brood is succumbing to one ton speeding weapons of mass destruction.


taveled from Richmond to Pittsfield on 295 and 95 on Sat, north of Waterville saw 4 dead porcupines in a 5 miles stretch, also spotted what looked like a dead crow and several other roadkills that were not discernable.

eagle activity

I have seen adult and immature eagles in woolwich, brunswick, richmond and dresden, in the vicinity of the kennebec and androscoggin rivers several time in the past 7 days. there are usually eagles around but it s eems like they are especially active this month

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