Welcome to the Maine Audubon Wildlife Road Watch

Information about where wildlife attempt to cross roads, what animals are involved, on what kinds of roads are collisions frequent, and other data can help inform policy, management, and financial investment in reducing road-kill and habitat fragmentation. Maine Audubon scientists will use the data to improve our collective understanding of where wildlife attempt to cross roads and what we can do to reduce road-kill and increase safety for people and wildlife.

First Create an account to participate in any of the projects.

There are 3 ways to participate (Click on each to learn more):

  1. Random Roadside Observations - Statewide
  2. Adopt A Road - pick your own survey route - Statewide
  3. Western Maine Mountains - Assigned routes in Oxford, Franklin and Somerset Counties.

For each project you will:

  • Add observations by telling us what you saw
  • Pinpoint its location on the map
  • Upload your photos (if you took any)

    Review your observation markers and see where other citizen scientists are finding road-side wildlife, by browsing our online wildlife observations map.

    Maine Audubon, state agencies, and researchers will use the data you share on this site in order to better understand how roads affect wildlife. Thanks for participating!