Adopt a Road On-line Data Entry

There are three steps to entering your data on-line.

1. “Adopt A Road” Section Identification Information: You only need to do this once for any “Adopt A Road” section you are monitoring, and you cannot enter any other data for the “Adopt A Road” section until this step is complete. Go the Adopt A Road Menu, select “Create a Road Route” link. Enter information about the name, location and description of your route, including the stop and start points. You can also upload a digital copy of a map, which is encouraged.

2. Survey Information: “Adopt A Road” Surveys need to be completed from start to finish, with a constant effort over the entire route to search for wildlife crossings/roadkill. If you happen to observe roadkill on part of your route (but you are not in the process of surveying the route from start to finish), you can report that data as a random observation in the Road Watch system. However, each time you survey your “Adopt A Road” section from start to finish, you need to "Add a Route Survey" to record the date of the survey. Recording the survey date adds information about the entire survey, but not the actual wildlife crossings. Specifically, the date and time the survey started and ended, as well as any information about the survey itself (weather, unusual observations, notes about what happened along the route, problems, etc.). Again, this information has to be entered before any actual wildlife crossing/roadkill data is entered. This process must be repeated each time a survey is run. So for example, if you survey your “Adopt A Road” route 12 times throughout the season, you will have to create 12 “Route Survey” dates, one for each time you go out and survey your road. Even if there are no wildlife crossings noted on a given survey, the route survey date MUST still be entered into the system. Not finding evidence of wildlife crossings is extremely valuable information. For surveys with no wildlife observations, this is the last step to data entry. To add a “route survey date” go to the Adopt a Road Menu and click on “Add a Route Survey”.

3. Wildlife Crossing/Roadkill Information: Assuming you’ve made observations along your survey, and once your "Route Survey" date has been entered as outlined above, you can then enter your wildlife observations. Under the Observer Menu click “Enter Observation” and follow the steps. Be sure under the “Adopt A Road Route” tab to select a specific route survey date. If you are making an observation outside of a full run of your “Adopt A Road” Survey (i.e., you are driving part of your route but have not done the route from the start to the finish), you can still enter the data but do not create a Route Survey date. Route Survey dates are only created for full survey efforts.

The data sheet follows the on-line data form fairly closely. Click here to download datasheet. Enter each observation along a survey route independently. A route with three observations, for example, will require you to enter three separate observations (selecting the same “route survey date” each time.

Questions should be directed to or call Barbara Charry (207)781-6180 ext. 225.