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Conserving Wildlife On and Around Maine's Roads
This conservation guide outlines how Maine’s community planners, public works departments, and transportation experts can maintain and sometimes even improve Maine’s wildlife habitats.

Waterway and Wildlife Crossing Policy and Design Guide For Aquatic Organisms, Wildlife Habitat, and Hydrologic Connectivity, 3rd edition, 2008
This document was developed by the Maine Department of Transportation in cooperation with several State and Federal resource and regulatory agencies.

California Wildlife Crossings Guidance Manual
The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the Information Center for the Environment (ICE) teamed up to create this guidance manual for California. It is one component of a larger Caltrans strategy to 1) catalog sources of information and knowledge about wildlife crossing, 2) generate, accumulate, and disseminate this information, and 3) develop guidelines for best practices and effective strategies to address road/wildlife conflicts.

Center for Wildlife
The Center for Wildlife is a Maine non-profit organization with a mission to rehabilitate sick and injured wild animals. If you find an injured wild animal you may contact them at (207) 361-1400 for advice.