"Adopt A Road" Volunteers needed for survey routes.

Maine Audubon Wildlife Road Watch is now recruiting observers to select roads to monitor more closely for wildlife. We are calling this research project "Adopt A Road".

As a Maine Audubon Wildlife Road Watch “Adopt A Road” Volunteer, you will regularly monitor a section of road throughout the year to document wildlife crossings, both successful crossings (when you see a live animal on or near the road) and unsuccessful crossings (dead animals on the road or shoulder). By collecting wildlife crossing information on the same stretch of road over time, you will be contributing to an assessment of the impacts of roads on wildlife, and more importantly, to the first steps of developing a plan to reduce these impacts. Some of the questions we are asking: Where are wildlife crossing “hotspots” and what kind of habitat is along those roads? Forest? Wetland? Farmland? Which species are crossing at these locations? Are there effective wildlife crossing structures we can install under the roadway to help wildlife cross the road successfully? Would signs be effective at reducing roadkill? The answers to these questions start with gathering information about when and where wildlife cross the road, a critical step that requires your help.

To learn more about what volunteers do and how to sign up as an "Adopt A Road" volunteer, click here.