Observation ID: 85760

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 02/27/2021 - 01:50
Identification Confidence
100% certain
Observation Date / Time

Obvious trauma and damage to the head, face and upper body region, as well as front arm.
The face (right side, the side laying against the pavement), head, lower facial/chin and throat, as well as upper chest area appears burst or blown apart or split open.
Right-side front arm is twisted and mangled in an awkward position; jutting out and forward but unnaturally positioned.
The body is fully intact and free from obvious signs of trauma/damage, aside from the injuries described above.
There is located about a foot or so in front of [her] a fairly large collection of blood with one small spot just inches from the outstretched mangled paw; obviously a bloody paw print.

Travel Frequency
several times per month
Estimated Time Since Impact
definitely less than 3 hours
Carcass Position
road surface
Roadway Speed Limit
35 mph
Road Type
urban minor / single lane
Location Description
While technically a two-lane road, Patterson Pass Rd is known for its harrowing blind turns, steep inclines, and narrow encounters with the impatient and often speeding workforce traffic out of Tracy.

Body lays on a stretch of inclined road that sports somewhat sharp curves and is narrow in width.
One side drops into a steep rocky cliff side while the other side extends sharply upward, near vertically, and neither side has much in the way of a shoulder.
The body lays just inside the white line that defines the roads edge, but the roads slim size means it’s in danger of being further flattened by traffic traveling either way.
No fences not guardrails of any sort are present at this very stretch but can be found in various other spots along the road, although more wouldn’t be a bad idea.
Roadside Features
no artificial structures

Observation Map