Observation ID: 89253

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Virginia Opossum
Identification Confidence
100% certain
Observation Date / Time

It was a mother opossum and her babies. I got out to make sure they were all dead before moving on. It looked to be at least five babies. A couple of them were right on the line and looked like they had been run over multiple times.

Caterina Sharp
Travel Frequency
several times per quarter
Estimated Time Since Impact
definitely less than 24 hours
Carcass Position
road shoulder
Roadway Speed Limit
55 mph
Road Type
state / rural highway
Location Description
Side of Valley Ford Rd heading away from the coast and towards Petaluma. It was between the turnoff for South Highway 1 and the turnoff for Roblar Rd. Lots of fenced in farm land on either side of the road.
Roadside Features
parallel fence
I would like to salvage this animal and agree to the terms of salvage

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