Observation ID: 201875

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Red-Shouldered Hawk
Identification Confidence
somewhat confident
Observation Date / Time

When I passed the large bird the first time, I saw long feathers sticking up, dark and light wider bands that were distinct with sharp contrast, not blended. At first I was thinking turkey due to the size, but their wing feathers bands are narrower. On the return trip, I saw a patch of rufous color.

Debbi Brusco
Travel Frequency
Estimated Time Since Impact
definitely less than 12 hours
Carcass Position
center-divide / median
Roadway Speed Limit
30 mph
Road Type
local paved
Location Description
Somewhat curvy mountain road with painted median. Guardrail on the downhill side. Trees/vegetation on both sides.
Roadside Features
w-beam guardrail
I would like to salvage this animal and agree to the terms of salvage

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